Unboxed! My Plated.com menu order for class video project

A big pile of papers on a desk. Similar to my own. Photo credit: IsaacMao via photopin cc

My team for N501,  Foundations of Digital Production, is creating a promo video and website for a product in order to showcase the video, 3-D and other techniques we will learn this semester.

Our choice: Plated.com, a service that will deliver to your door an entire meal-in-a-box. In order to research the product for our project, I ordered two plates of two different meals from the service. I enjoyed unboxing this package of goodies today!

Have you used Plated.com? How about Blue Apron, Hello Fresh or other food-delivery services? What is your opinion of this type of web-order product?

Author: Cori

Cori Faklaris (aka "HeyCori") is a PhD researcher at Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Faklaris is an social media expert and longtime journalist who brings this expertise to her work in usability for privacy, security and emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things.

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