The best of #AdviceForYoungAcademics tweets

On the heels of #AdviceForYoungJournalists (which seems to have been sparked by a Felix Salmon blog post), Twitter lit up today with a similar hashtag, #AdviceForYoungAcademics.

As in the other thread, these tweets contained nuggets of genuine wisdom — mixed with some incredibly bad advice and/or hilarious lines. Some examples below: Continue reading “The best of #AdviceForYoungAcademics tweets”

Unboxed! My menu order for class video project

My team for N501,  Foundations of Digital Production, is creating a promo video and website for a product in order to showcase the video, 3-D and other techniques we will learn this semester.

Our choice:, a service that will deliver to your door an entire meal-in-a-box. In order to research the product for our project, I ordered two plates of two different meals from the service. I enjoyed unboxing this package of goodies today!

Have you used How about Blue Apron, Hello Fresh or other food-delivery services? What is your opinion of this type of web-order product?

1st week of grad school: I survived the door muffler and other stories


The unfamiliar piece of black rubber tacked onto a closed door’s latch was the most tangible of the many obstacles I faced during my first week of graduate school. But it was far from the first.

As I reflect back, here’s what I’m cringing about the most.

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