Reading roundup: Apple Watch unveiling, Yogi Ferrell, Reggie Wayne

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Being able to open my windows and to dust off my bike for a ride this weekend was just wonderful. Looks like this week’s weather will be a lot more of the same! It takes some sting out of losing an hour to DST.

Here’s a roundup of 10 or so more good reads to start your week:

  • Don’t ignore any chest pain today, researchers say. Heart attacks surge on the first full workday after Daylight Saving Time changes. (Detroit Free Press)
  • The Apple Watch, which is being previewed today at a press event in San Francisco, is poised to become Apple’s most expensive product ever.  (USA Today)
  • In the wake of IU’s 74-72 loss to Michigan State to close out their season, is junior Yogi Ferrell set to leave for the NBA Draft? (IndyStar)
  • Bob Kravitz: “There had to be a better way to say goodbye to Reggie Wayne. There just had to be.” (WTHR)
  • Mike Pence and Indiana’s Deep Freeze: Ambitious Republicans thought they saw openings at the top of their party’s ticket—but now it appears those may have been a mirage. (National Journal)
  • An IndyStar investigation recently discovered that before Super Bowl 2012, city and state officials quietly signed a deal to suspend operations at a Southside plant. That’s the only week in recent years that a stench hasn’t hung over the area. Yet officials say they can’t definitively prove the plant is responsible for the smell. (IndyStar)
  • Budget bills are piling up in the GOP-controlled Congress. (New York Times)
  • Hillary Clinton urged the world to take action and address “the great unfinished business of the 21st century” — the achievement of equality for women that 189 nations called for at a groundbreaking U.N. conference 20 years ago. (Associated Press)
  • Speaking of Clinton: “SNL”‘s Kate McKinnon’s take on the email controversy had me literally LOLing. (Slate) | And then McKinnon slayed us all with her impression of Iggy Azalea  feuding with “Azealia Banks,” aka Indianapolis native Sasheer Zamata. (Salon)
  • Have you heard of “Impostor Syndrome”? It was a hot topic among myself and other attendees at this weekend’s Indiana Celebration of Women in Computing. Gifted students can be particularly prone to it. (

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