Reading roundup: “House of Cards,” Matt Hasselbeck, dresses, llamas, net neutrality

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Thursday was a historic day for the Internet. Net neutrality approved! Llamas on the loose! The Great Dress Debate of 2015!

Here’s a roundup of 10 or so more good reads to finish out this frigid February:

  • In a historic vote Thursday, the Federal Communication Commission approved “net neutrality” rules to regulate Internet Service Providers as public utilities that must transmit all legal content equally. But the fate of our online world is far from settled. (USA Today)
  • “House of Cards” Season 3 posted to Netflix today (except for that one brief moment weeks back where it appeared by accident). It’s been a while, so you may need a refresher on where Frank and Claire Underwood’s climb to power left off. (TIME)
  • The Colts announced late Thursday that backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck  has signed a 1-year contract extension. (WTHR)
  • Oops. The Indiana House budget cut $14 mlllion more from the funding for Indianapolis Public Schools than was expected. (IndyStar)
  • Get a first look at the boutique hotel being planned for the site of the old Indianapolis City Hall. (IndyStar)
  • An IMPD officer was hospitalized after reportedly drinking cleaning solution that had been left in a McDonald’s ice tea dispenser. (Fox 59)
  • The Pacers’ Paul George on his first full practice since fracturing his ankle: “Just running gives me a smile.” (IndyStar)
  • I may suffer from this: Misophonia is a condition with which certain sounds — like chewing — can drive someone into a burst of rage or disgust.  (New York Times)
  • Yes, this really happened. Two llamas briefly escaped their owners Thursday in Sun City, Ariz., and were catapulted to national fame on live television, becoming social media darlings along the way. (Arizona Republic)
  • WHAT COLOR IS THIS DRESS? The debate about whether a Tumblr photo shows a dress that’s white and gold or black and blue sent cyberspace over the edge. I changed my answer at least twice. (BuzzFeed)

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