Reading roundup: Parks and Recreation farewell, Indy Eleven bill, American Sniper conviction

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What will we see before we’re legally allowed to buy alcohol in Indiana on Sundays like a normal person in the 21st century? Peace in the Middle East? A mission to Mars? The Pacers winning the NBA championship?

Here’s a roundup of 10 or so more good reads for this morning:

  • Sniff. “Parks and Recreation” signed off from Pawnee, Ind., on Tuesday night, with a flash-forward to show each character’s future life. ( |  Wait: Is Leslie — or Ben — president in 2048? (Sepinwall) | Nice: The state tourism office wrote an open letter to the show assigning each character the perfect place in Indiana. (AV Club)
  • Eddie Ray Routh was sentenced to life without parole Tuesday night for the shooting deaths of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield. (USA Today)
  • The Indiana House is set to vote today on the Indy Eleven stadium bill, which now requires the team owner to guarantee half of the debt. (IndyStar) | Early Tuesday, the Sunday carryout alcohol sales bill met a familiar fate. (IndyStar)
  • The Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would allow businesses to refuse service to newly married same-sex couples. (Fox 59) | They also voted to require schools to teach cursive writing. Given how resource-strapped schools already are, is this worth it? (WTHR)
  • The Federal Communications Commission is poised to rule Thursday that Internet service should be regulated like a public utility — a victory for President Barack Obama and an army of net-neutrality activists. (New York Times)
  • The Indianapolis Recorder, the state’s oldest African-American newspaper, is celebrating its 120th anniversary. (RTV6)
  • What’s up with the scarves Downtown? (IndyStar) | Maybe it’s connected with the #KeepWarmIndy campaign. (Facebook)
  • Women are leaving the tech industry in droves. (Los Angeles Times)
  • Lady Gaga trained DAILY with a vocal coach for six months to prepare for her amazing Julie Andrews tribute at the Oscars. (Entertain This)
  • ESPN suspended Keith Olbermann for “churlish remarks he made about Penn State on Twitter.” Olbermann, churlish? Nooooo! (New York Times)

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