Reading roundup: Deflate-gate, Cincinnati overpass collapse, State of the Union pregame

Coffee and newspaper for reading roundup post

Today our high temp in Indianapolis might reach 50 degrees — woot!

Here’s a roundup of 10 or so links to get your morning started:

  • Scary: Officials in Cincinnati closed SB Interstate 75 indefinitely after a “major” collapse of an overpass north of the old Hopple Street bridge that left one injured and one dead. (

  • State of the Union Spoilers: What We Already Know About President Obama’s Speech (ABC News) | Watch at 9 p.m. (
  • Frantic efforts couldn’t save a 13-year-old boy shot in the street  while returning from a late-night snack run. (IndyStar) | Earlier: What is causing Indy’s rise in homicides? (IndyStar)
  • Deflate-gate! NFL investigating whether the New England Patriots used deflated balls in their AFC Championship win vs. the Colts. ( | Kravitz: What my report isn’t is an excuse for the Colts’ sorry play or sour grapes over the loss. (Bob Kravitz)
  • Here comes trouble for my dining budget: Devour Downtown started Monday and runs through Feb. 1. (
  • Bernard Holland, 53 and homeless, wouldn’t agree to come in from the cold until his dog, Oreo, found a shelter too.  “The fact that he was willing to gut it out in sub-zero temperatures because he didn’t want to leave his dog — that’s pretty powerful.” Read my friend Maureen’s great story for more. (IndyStar)
  • Indy Republicans tap businessman Chuck Brewer, owner of Downtown’s Potbelly and Soupremacy, as their pick to run for mayor. (IndyStar)
  • Michael Moore Clarifies His Controversial Sniper Tweets and Praises Bradley Cooper (
  • RIP Cynthia Layne, 51, a jazz and neo-soul vocalist who ranked among the most active and in-demand musicians in Indianapolis. (IndyStar)
  • Judd Apatow on Bill Cosby: “I absolutely would like to see him in jail. … That’s where people who commit sexual assaults go.” (USA Today) | Join the lively thread on my Facebook wall. I was pretty definite about what I think. (Facebook)

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