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Reading roundup: 2 Ferguson cops shot, ISTEP switch, Colts free agency

Sure felt good to ride a bike to class Wednesday! Without my heavy coat! Friday and Saturday may get a wee bit wet, so make today count.

Here’s a roundup of 10 or so more good reads to start your day:

  • Two police officers were shot this morning in Ferguson, Mo. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
  • The Indiana Department of Administration (did you know that existed? New to me!) dumped McGraw Hill in favor of Pearson to create next spring’s ISTEP exam. But skyrocketing costs could scuttle the plan before the contracts are signed. (Chalkbeat) | Schools chief Glenda Ritz called the price tag  “astronomical.” (IndyStar)
  • The Colts were among NFL free agency’s early winners. (IndyStar)

  • Love this story: A group of Wisconsin middle-school basketball players walked off the court to defend a special-needs cheerleader from bullies. (WTMJ)
  • The NCAA took in nearly $1 billion during its 2014 fiscal year, resulting in a nearly $80.5 million surplus, according to an audit released Wednesday.  It was the fourth straight year in which the association’s surplus has exceeded $60 million. (USA Today)
  • Why the Rolling Stones haven’t done an Indy stop in 21 years: Industry insiders say the band’s failure to sell a quarter of the tickets for a 1994 concert left a bruise on the ego of vocalist Mick Jagger. (IndyStar)
  • Police in Ohio are searching for a “mystery pooper.” (Fox 59)
  • Meet the Alabama man who saved John Mellencamp’s life as an infant. (
  • The most life-friendly habitat ever discovered outside of Earth? Enceladus, Saturn’s sixth-largest moon, where NASA said the Cassini spacecraft has found a warm ocean with hydrothermal activity. (Popular Mechanics)
  • A reported shooting at Lil Wayne’s home was likely a hoax, police say. (TIME) | This kind of 911 hoax  is called “swatting,” for luring out a SWAT team. I found at least seven celebrity victims in the past. (IndyStar)

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