Reading roundup: Colts player accused of rape, Oscars, Brady-stompin’ tee

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This first week of graduate school is already kicking my butt. Glad I’ve given myself this daily “assignment” to keep up with the day’s news, otherwise I could fall into a classwork coma! Here’s a roundup of 10 or so of my best finds from the Internet to get you caught up for the day:

  • Colts linebacker Josh McNary to police arresting him for rape: “I knew you would be coming.” (IndyStar)
  • It’s Oscars morning! Watch the announcement of the 2015 nominees live at 8:30 a.m. ( | Don’t have the bandwidth to stream video? Keep up with the hashtag #OscarsNoms. (Twitter)
  • Two-legged, two-wheeled Speedway Chihuahua TurboRoo is receiving the “Underdog of the Year” award on the CW’s “World Dog Awards” show today. (IndyStar)

  • Remember the Patriots’ Tom Brady riding a “Colt,” on Facebook? A Fishers T-shirt company is firing back with a stompin’ good image of their own. (IndyStar)
  • Here’s what I take from this story about NASCAR driver Kurt Busch: NEVER date a trained assassin. (USA Today) | “Willie Nelson could not smoke enough to write these lyrics.” (NPR The Two-Way Blog comments)
  •  Abortion and reproductive rights groups are readying for a renewed legislative fight in the new, GOP-controlled Congress. (USA Today)
  • The latest update to the Google Translate app has brought the world one step closer to a universal translator. (NYT Bits blog)
  • Investigative reporter Karen Hensel has abruptly left WISH-8. (Indianapolis Business Journal)
  • 10-digit dialing starts Feb. 7 in Indiana for phone users in the 812 and the new 930 area codes. (Louisville Courier-Journal)
  • The man behind “Ship Your Enemies Glitter” is now regretting his idea.”Please stop buying this horrible glitter product,” he wrote.  “I’m sick of dealing with it.” (Daily Dot) | This reminds me of the “Penny Blossoms” episode of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory. (TBBT Wiki)

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