Reading roundup: Pence’s State of the State, Patriots’ evil genius & more

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I’ve had plenty of time to browse the Internet while waiting for my semester to start. And as you can see, I’m still keeping tabs on the work of my former IndyStar colleagues! Here’s a roundup of 10 or so of my best finds to start your day:

  • Tuesday night’s State of the State address could be especially important, at least for Republican Gov. Mike Pence: It’s his chance to shine for a possible White House run. (Tom LoBianco) | See also: If Mitt Romney Challenges Jeb Bush for the GOP nod, Rand Paul Stands to Gain (NYT Upshot blog)
  • The Ohio State Buckeyes defeated the Oregon Ducks 42-20 in the first-ever national college football championship. (USA Today)

  • The New England Patriots’ sneaky four-lineman formation vs. the Baltimore Ravens is the kind of evil genius that the Indianapolis Colts are up against this weekend in the AFC Championship. (Business Insider) | Coach Chuck Pagano briefed the Colts on the Patriots’ trickery Monday. (IndyStar Sports)
  • Good idea from councilman John Barth: Indy should name a street after native son Kurt Vonnegut. (Matthew Tully)
  • Here’s a neat trick to “foil” thieves who can steal your card without even touching you. (Tim Evans)
  • Carmel’s Samantha Steffen gets a rose to survive a 2nd week on ABC’s The Bachelor. (US Weekly recap)
  • A lawsuit by a transgender inmate at Rockville Correctional Center who was denied her prescribed vaginal stent raises questions on prison health care. (IndyStar)
  • Saudi billionaire businessman Prince Alwaleed bin Talal tells Maria Bartiromo we will not see $100-a-barrel oil again. Not sure I believe that. (USA Today)
  • Chart of the month: The Girl Scouts recommend wine pairings for their cookies. Sparkling wine with Trefoils, hmmm.  (Facebook)
  • Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015 is the 3rd annual International Poetry at Work Day. Download a free e-book through founder Tweetspeak Poetry. (HuffPo)

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