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Reading roundup: Friday the 13th, Pi Day, RIP Michael Graves

Woohoo! Passed a key midterm exam, so that means it’s time for Spring Break 2015. (Except I still have a paper to write a draft of and footage to help shoot for a course project … )

Here’s a roundup of 10 or so more good reads to start your day:

  • Today is the second of three Friday the 13ths in 2015. Hope you don’t have triskaidekaphobia! (
  • And Saturday, 3.14.15,  will be the “Ultimate Pi Day of the Universe”! Bake a Pi Day Pie to celebrate. (
  • Architect Michael Graves, one of Indianapolis’ most famous sons and designer of the NCAA Headquarters and my Target kitchenware, among many other projects, has died at 80. (New York Times)
  • Adios, Trent Richardson. How did a Colts career that began so hopefully end in such devastating fashion? (IndyStar)
  • U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder sharply condemned the shootings of Ferguson, Mo., police as a “disgusting and cowardly attack.” (USA Today)
  • Extremely disturbing: After pressuring to adopt three children, an Arkansas politician and his wife “re-homed” the siblings — to a man who’d raped one of them — because they thought they were possessed by demons. I can’t even. (Arkansas Times)
  • After ditching Common Core, Indiana is feeling its way through some thorny — and consequential — education decisions with little precedent to lean on. (NPR)
  • The most obvious sequel in years, “Frozen 2” (or as I want to call it, “2 Frozen 2 Furious”), is on its way. (CNN) | Of course, it spawned a hashtag: #FrozenSequelTitles. (Twitter)
  • It’s outdoor drinking weather at last: 25 great patios for kicking back with a cool one. (IndyStar)
  • A video rebrand/tribute to Indianapolis by Studio Science (nee KA+A) was rightfully getting buzz on Thursday. Nice job! (Vimeo)

The Reading Roundup will take a break as well during spring break while I rest and recharge. But … keep following me for more great links  on Twitter at @heycori or at!

What are you reading? Leave a link in the comments!


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